Express Condo Inspection $349 
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Express Condo Inspection - $349

Lowrise Condos

Relax, we have this. You tell us where and when you need the inspection, and we will email a complete report with photos and useful comments in about an hour.

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  • Condo Inspection and Report Completed in about 1-Hour
  • Inspection Fully Compliant with the Home Inspectors Association Standards of Practice
    • Includes Electrical, Plumbing, Structure, Heating & Cooling, Interior, Insulation and Ventilation, Fireplaces, and More
  •  Solid State Exclusive - Life Safety System Review
  • Price above covers features of most typical condos
  • Ideal for Low and High Rise Condos
  • No on-site verbal review is included with this inspection service. For a service including an on-site client review, consider our Interior Only condo inspection service.

Every Solid State Condo Inspection Includes:

Click each to learn more. We go out of our way to make your condo inspection great.

Condo Inspection Additional Services

Get even more piece of mind with specialized inspection services from our expert condo inspectors.

Solid State's Inspectors are your Condo Inspection Experts. Our inspectors are trained in Commercial Inspections which allows us to view and comment on even the largest strata equipment systems. We have extensive experience with Condo and Townhouse developments and have partnered with Strata Maintenance Companies for an insider perspective on issues in the Condo Market and specific properties.

Solid State Inspections goes above and beyond with our condo inspections looking at appliances, common areas for major issues, mechanical spaces (if access is available or requested) and the living area of the condo/townhouse. Plus, Solid State Inspections will ensure you know your future condo's major systems through our informative on-site post inspection review.

Exclusive Condo Inspection Articles for Our Clients

*In order to offer an Express Condo service, this service DOES NOT include on-site client interaction. If clients would like to be present for this inspection, consider the Interior-Only Service.