New Service -Express Condo Inspections

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Complete Condominium Inspections in about 1-hour

Condominiums are more popular than ever in the Lower Mainland. Today, condos and townhouses account for nearly 2 out of every 3 ‘homes’ sold.

The good news for all these condo buyers is about 4 years ago, the Government of BC required that nearly all stratas start to produce Depreciation Reports. Depreciation reports provide starts and prospective buyers, details about the age of the strata property and major expenses due in the coming 30 years.

There used to be a time the only information a client new about the building was what was told to them by their home inspector in a condo inspection. This has changed the role of the home inspector in condos to focus more on interior unit expenses and possible life safety issues. We have also found clients are booking condo inspections on shorter notice, are less likely to attend the inspection, and are more technologically savvy.

In keeping up with the needs of our clients, we are excited to announce our new service - Express Condo Inspections. An Express condo inspection still gives clients the piece of mind that a home inspection can bring, and we can offer it more affordably, quicker, and with our high level of expertise in about an hour.

How can we do it so fast? 

  1. We moved the report online (well, by email anyway). By moving the report on-line, we save time meeting clients just to give a redundant verbal report.
  2. We have a great report system we developed ourselves that allows us to take lots of pictures, provides clear and useful comments, and articulates clearly what was tested and the test results 
  3. Experience. Our team has thousands of inspections worth of experience. When you have seen something before… it is easier to report on it again.

Who is the perfect client for an Express Condo Inspection? - You!

 By James Bell - Author | Owner/Operator of Solid State Inspections Inc