We are A+ BBB Certified and the #1 Choice of Hundreds of Realtors

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Three Reasons Why We Should Be Your #1 Home Inspection Choice

  1. Unparalleled Substitutability - We have the best team of home inspectors in BC and no matter who answers your call, you will get a great home inspection. Plus, with substitutability comes stability as if your home inspector gets sick or has an accident, there is someone else on the team that can step in.
  2. Professionalism and Expertise - Our inspectors show up in uniform, are non-smokers, and have the right tools and equipment every time. Clients gain confidence when they know a professional showed up to do the job.
  3. After the Inspection Support - We offer lifetime support to clients as they make some of the most risky financial decisions of their lives. Clients need to know they are backed by a Solid company with an impeccable reputation. We even leave a comprehensive Home Owners Manual for clients future reference.